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have one goal... get out the vote. ♪ >> chris: president obama and governor romney try to drum up support. but it is really about the ground game. who has been more effective in getting out early voters? who will have the better organization tuesday? we'll talk last-minute strategy with david axelrod, senior advisor for the obama campaign. and, rick beeson, political dra director for team romney and the electoral map, how does each side get the 270 votes they need to win? we'll ask our sunday panel to survey the battleground states and look for any surprises. and, from the storm of a lifetime to one of the tightest presidential races ever, we go "on the trail." all, right you now on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and, hello, again. this time, from fox news election headquarters in new york. and, we are back on standard time, and we hope you set your clocks back, one hour. well, it is finally here. the lst 48 hours, of the seemingly endless campaign. and, for both sides it us all about getting supporters all to vote. we want to talk about ground game tactics with each camp, startin
reported, there is a lopsided lead at the moment for barack obama -- lopsided by florida standards. at any rate, they will all come in item appeared florida is to close to call. pennsylvania just came in here you may know that the run a campaign make noises in the past few days about how pennsylvania may be in play. president clinton went as and obama surrogate to pennsylvania, made four stops including two in philadelphia. mitt romney went back today. in pennsylvania is in play, this is a very long night for barack obama, but is it? right now, it is too close to e a hampshire, 1% of the precincts reporting in stated in answer. one thing about new hampshire is it is a very small state. you cannot get a lot by winning the hampshire, unless, of course, you want to win the presidency. you think four electoral votes cannot decide this race? you are wrong. hampshire is a tossup state. it is a bellwether state, and it is to close to call. the state of ohio, as mentioned, to close to call. they closed 30 minutes ago. lopsided victory at the moment for barack obama, but with just 7% of precincts r
obama and mitt romney are doing to et more votes in the eleetion.s leading up to the - 3 3 friday, november 2nd. 3 3 3 3 a altimore city police detective ii facing charges this morning... accused of forgiig a search warrant to &pdetectivv adam lewellen is facing several criminal charggs... including perjury and two counts of miiconduct. misconducc.lewellen is a 30- department's violent crime impact section.prosecuttrs say he and 6 other officers used force to get inside this home on foster avenue near south east avenue back in march.once inside... officers say they found guns and suspectedd cocaine. they arrested the man who lived there but charges were latee dropped against him. buu according to court papers... prosecutors learned lewellen may have lied when he told a judge the man had been seen dealing drugs during a police controllee buy.police aren't commentinggpublicll... buu nnighhors are talking about tte aarest. 8:55:59(mr. wunder/neighbor) "you always think of thh side. so, that's kind of ur - scary actually that they would go and do that..' that..'a pooice spokesman t
is to do and the future that lies ahead. president obama... elected to a second term.the swing states phat he claimed.. ann hhs 3 and... bundle up.snow... is on phe way.how much we cooud get... and when ii will get here. 3 3 wednesday, november 7th 3&pit'ssour fox455"thanks givea" &pgiveaway!"we're giving away 100 doolarrvisa giftcards every hour, everyday on fox45 morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. 3 3&you have 15 minutee to call u at 410-481-4545 to claim your ! prize!want to get your name in the box?go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore and click &pon "contests" to fill ut the form and rrad the official rules. & 3 3 3 3 ,3 3 the votes are in.pressdent barack obama will haae another united states of americc. america.the announcement was made late last nighh.... just hours after he polls closed. this morning... mmgan giililand is here with how the numbers broke down and how the president is reacting o tte news. good mornnng guys,just after 11:00 last nnght... it was clear that president araak obama would have another term as presidentt president. --claiming .... %
mooe years.president barack obama is re-elected to term.he claimed ssme key &pbattleground states to win. megan gillilaad is here with a gooddmorning guys,just hours aftee the polls closed it became clear that resident as president. preeident. 3&--clliming .....% of thh popular vote and defeating his republican opponentt governor you need is ooe hing... but to win... you need to in the eeectoral college... here's a look at how this played out natiooally.. nationallyy.. --someestates still are not in yet... but you can see the president has already claimmd mmre than the 270 electooal votes required to win-- he wwn some of the big swing statess.. virginna also ohii... which became a crucial battleground tate ptate --maryland wws decided almost as soon as the pplls closed... you can see...--governor romney conceddd shortly fter speech... listen in... "iiso wish that i had been able to fulfilllyour hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader. so earnestly prayyfor him and &pweeks ahead i also lookk forward to sitting ddon with governor
some controveesial campaign ads- in support offpresident obama - are popping up on t-v and tte internet.melinda roeder explains why somm say othees tthnk the just funny. itstanydy. you want dn president obama's campaign raisee ssme eyebrows this month... wiih an ad featuring a young actress comparing voting for obama - to losing he targed at young female voterss... but ssme say it's pemale voters.... taageted at young seemgly virginity. maleottrs.... t some say ng - ''t y.tert nte srlywas evnd p laughiig at it. i "yeah, definitely. i eaa kristen voters.... targeteddat young seemingly virginity.losing her for bama - to comparing voting for obama - to omparing - virginity.seemgly targeted at young emale voterr.... but some ssy it's justillyy "yeahh definitely. i mean i wws laughing at it. i didn't take it seriouslyyis to take ttis stuff eriously."vooers the ad - and asked what they &pthought... 14:19907 ... most weee turned off by the message...nie shabaaz: w rnds avemooner..lie e inth i this one..... from producerr leaningggroup --- ove-on-dot-- org.....elderly people ad
president... joe obama ...joined the roughly ...30-million americans... who... voted early - / october 25th ... - in chicago....///ttat's... here... he is staaing off... the... camppign trial../. while... romneey ...squeezes in... two... last- minute campaign in... ohio and pennsylvania. 51-56"i feel confident weehave the votes to win, but it's going to depend uulimately on out."109-117"you hoped that prrsident obama would live up to his promise to bring peopll together to solve the big will."after... their final campaiin events,.... to... watch... the - election results...///. obama... nd... ice president biden... will watch from chicago. 3 the... final... electiin result... known... - until... late in the evening.../ if... then...///. but,... drama... to watch ... &pall... evening long....// hhre's... a....llok at the mmst ritical hours... tt watch.. toniggt 3 &pat 7 o'clock.... polls in six states close but all eyes will ellctoral votes.in 2008, obama beeame t
senator kent conrad and congressman chris van hollen. plus, president obama looks ahead to a second term, while republicans look to regroup. we'll ask our sunday panel about what both sides need to do, moving forward. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and, hello, again, from fox news in washington. on veterans day. when we honor the military, for their service to our nation. and, sadly, we begin today with a dramatic fall from grace, of one of the most respected military men of this generation. cia director and retired four star general david petraeus stepped down friday after admitting to an extramarital affair. joining us to discuss that and upcoming hearings on the deadly terror attack in libya is the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you very much, chris. >> chris: in a statement friday you said you understand petraeus's decision to resign, but that you wish that president obama had not accepted that. after more revelations, this weekend, do you still feel that way? >> i talked to dave p
are in.presideet barack obama will have another four years as president of the united states of america. america.the announcement was this orning... megan closed. gilliland is here ith how thee numbbrs broke down and how the president is reacting to the news. good morning guys,jjst aater 11:00 last night... it was clear that president barack obama would have another term as president. prrsident. --claiming .... % of the and defeating his republican opponentt governor miit romney. --the popular vote is one tting... but o win... you need to win the eeectoral how this played out nationally.. nationally... &p--some states sttll are not i yet... but you can see the president has already ccaimee potes required to win-- he on states... virginia also ohio... which became aa - crucial battleground state state --marylann was deciddd almost as soon assthe pools closed... you ccn see...--it wasn't until the early morring --it wasn't until the early morning hours... that president bama made his acceptance speech... pisten in... obama says: while our journey has bben long we have picked ourse
and marine operrtions. 3 president obama is helping with the gassssortaae in new pork nd new jeesey.he's ordered tth purchase of up to 12-million gallons of unleaded gallons of diessl to get it to the reeion quicker.llnes snaked for blocks on friday as people waited to fill theii - cars and gaa cans for ggnerators to provide pooer. triple-a says more than half of the gas stations in new jerseyyand on new york's long island werennt operational. -3 3 beer company anheuserrbussc is lending a helping hand to - hurricane andy victtms, here & on the east coasttnormally, these are cans full of beer but not now. they are full of & emergency driiking water disaster areas.the federal water cans...anheuser busch donates ttem...for free...somethinggthe ompany ssys its beenndoong for ore &p3 weehave a long history of supporting relief efforts, disaster, and emergency water is ssmething our companyyis uniquely positioned to do. do.switching ovee from beer to hours to do ii once they got the call. company ooficials estimmtt theyyll produce nd ship aboot 44-thousan
the battll &pended for president obama and mmtt romney in the sunshine state. 3& was there a whitee houseecoverup? whh those -a week. ng it to coogress ext 3 iis been four days since the election, and lorida has finally figured out who carrred the sunshine state. awarded that state'ss 9 electoral votes... votes... mchinesshave been churning through the ballo brings the finallelectoral ry - count to 332 for the presideet.....206 for former the drama may not be overr yet, somm states may be recounting at the demand of candidates ii ooher races. votees have given presideet obama a second term.peehaas over the next four years, the out sooe of the most ppoblematic issues wwth health carr rrform.jeff barnd exxlains hoo america's eelth care ssstem will change in the president's second term. improvv it where we can." to w - trt==08 president obama has a second term -- maybe a second chance that heaathcare reformmis &pworth the gamble.[sot n john guess is, if obama stays in the white houueeyou are going for new angles to challengg the law."trt=:09obama's crowning social ach
in his cabinet. cabinet. 3 a divvded congress plus a re-elected president obama -3 pould equallfinanciaa turmoil. the three mmjor iidices plunged on wednesday &pdue to oncerns over the looming fiscal uncertaiity. john lonski / senior economiit at moody's capittl markets:"...there is still an elevated levvl of uncertainny -3related to pooitics hat markets must deal with....'' house speakkr john boehner says he's open to putting politics aside and making a deel with the president o put the nntions finances in order. rep. john boehner / (r-oh) speaker of the house"...the preeident has signaled a willinggess to dootax reform to ower rates. republlcans 3 aacept new revenue if it comes froo rowwh nd refoom. so, pet's start the discussion -3 political analyst says tte &ppepublicans' willingness to come to terms on a deal could & be the result of public pressure.dr. danny hayee / 3 george washington university: "...it certainny does mean that they have to worry about -3 rrnning afoul of public opinioo at their peril,,having just suffere
on almostt every ammrican family. 3 boswell says: "presidennt obama again says hh will "not" ok a deal extending tax cuts trying to avoid the uppominn - fiscal cliff. he then addressed questions onnthe grooinn sex scandal surrounning the formerrcia director and the atttck on the u-s missson in benghazi." no evidence national security scandal involving the now &p"former" ia irector davvd petraeus and the top uus. comannder in afghanistan.obama saas: "i am withholding judgment withhrespect to how the entire process surrounding top lawmakers re angry they the fbi invvstgation that led to the petraeus resignation. on congressiooal questions about adminstration tatements the deadly attack on the u-s consulate in benghhzi was a spontaneous demonstration and not a terrorist attack the president aggresively defended u-n ambassador susan rice. obama says: "if senator mccain and senator graham, and somebody, they should go aater me. 14:04:07 to besmirch er reputation go after me. 14:00:07 to somebody, they should others want to go after senator graaam, and senaaor mccain
the product purchase... for a ull refund. a big day for president obama... around 1 o'clock this afternoon... he wiil address from the east rrom.it's a ccancc for the nnwly re- elecced president to address some of the big iisues facing staving ff the so-called fiscal cliff.the statement aaso erves to utline the 3the preeident gets a little teary- eyed talking with his campaiin staff.in this videoo you ccn see obama wipinggawwa pears while talking to hii headquarters the day afttr the election.he ggt emotional while telling ttem how proud he is of their work. &pobama says: "...becauseewhht you guys have done means that impootant. and i'm really proud of all of you. what you guys ápauseáácllppingá thh ppingá president went on to say thaa phen ppople ask him how he deaas with the stress of washington.. he alwayy thinkss of the staff that supports him. we arr ow getting mmrr information from the pentagon aaout aa attack on a u-- drone. &ptwo iranian ffghter jets fired on the unarmed drone in the persian gulfflasttweek.the u-s aar force predator drone wass not hit...but was performi
...but it's what the dog does thaa steals the show. pwo obama campaign taffers get quite a surpriss when he president of the united states askk them to tell im a e and personal storyy 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- &phhw ... many... engaged couples... get... to share... their happy news... with... the president of he united statee? statee?that's what saaa sanniie... two obama campaign back in august... and it's justtnow surfacing on youtube. the president asked thee couple how they got engaged... and after matthew toldd pome ssoud advice courtesy of 3 beyonce! guy: i'm stressing here..girl rinn nnit ( he does the move) move)pressdent obama also also posed foo a president obama also posed for a picture with the happy couple. -- react to story --overcast badd..howwdo we look for ot tha friday?chief meteorologiit vytas eid... &p we're saying thank we're saying thankkyou to our for your thankssiving dinner. to enter... o tooour facebook page... like us... and click &pon cootests. pontests.then... .... we'll give away a 100- dollar gifttcard on fox 45 morning news... every
working at theetime. president obama makes his second trip to the northeast since urricann sandy. many parts f the area are stilllrecovering after the storm leveled towns and left areas flooded. flooded.the president touued staten island...one of the areas hardest hit by hurricane sandy.he also stopped at a fema disaster recovery center that provides hot meals and showees and offers victims governmenttheep.pplying for - obama sayss "i promise to everybody that i was sseaking on half of the country when i said we are going to be here until the re have ffllowed through on that coomitment." commitmeet."margi says, "what do you wann them to do? step it up, step it up. come down here, put on a pair of bootss get on a pair of gloves, gett &pout oo your eight-hundred dollars or whateverrsuit, and a look iill show you my house, come in get a little dirty people don't want a ppt on the back saying 'its gonna be okay,' because itts not." not." new york overnor andree cuomo says he will request 30 billionndollars in federal aid to help rrbuild after sandy. 70-year-old love letters washed ashor
.f - announced.thh "real-clear" shows president bbrack obama - with a light lead over governor mitt romney.3 of the polls in the avvrage... show including the most recent poll... actually show the rrce these final hours are crucial for the presidential candidatess.. as they present campaign traal.ts on the "does rrising taxes put people to workk (no!) how about his doessthat help small lations, - businesses? (nn!) how about his plan to require companies to have unions whether the employees want to vote for thee or not -- card check, does that create jobs??(no!)) you passed the test.""and if you're willing to ork withhme agaai, and knock on ssme doors with me, makeesome phonn calls por me, turn outtat the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin, we'll win this election. " "the candidates will continue to reach out to americans as they cast theii votes. president obama wwll dd interviews throughout the day from chicago... and romney will make appearances in pittsburgh, pennsylvania and cleveeand, ohho. election day is not whaa it used to be. instead of one day for millions to cast their votes
as we head into election day....polls show ppesident barack obama and governor mitt romney vvrtually deadlockee. deadlocked.right now... all eyes are on the swing states. megan gilliland s here with good morning ggys,winning the white house... means winning the ellctooal college..ere are the key swing states to keep "real-clear""politics average of polls. polls.the closesttappears to be virginia right now where the polling aveerge showw half a point. witt a point and half lead. leaa.the... president appears to be ahead in ohii byyalmost p points.still many are preddcting this could be a decisive battleground. battlegrounddin pennsslvania... the president is ahead by nearly 4 points. points.president obamaawon north caroliin n 2008 but polling shows romney ahead noww ii that state byy3 pointss points.there's no question that these final hoors are crucial for the presidential candidates... as they present closing arguments on the campaign trail... some of them a little eeotionall president obamai want to ttke this opporttuity to say ( wipes off the first tear ) one thing to alllth
-american dictator but leaders of the muslim brotherhood. should president obama put more pressure on the egyptian government, even threaten to cut off aid, to get hamas to stop firing those rockets? >> he needs to exert every kind of pressure he can, chris to try to make sure it doesn't escalate into a full-blown war between the palestinians and the israelis and, whatever that takes. but, you know, the problem the israelis have is that these rockets are being fired on them, from places that they can't reach by flying over in the air and they are putting them in school yards where they are surrounded by schoolchildren and firing them from marketplaces crowded with people. and, israel has a right to protect itself. and, if sending ground troops in is the only way they can clean out these nests of rockets being fired at them, you know, you can't blame them for doing it. >> chris: all right, let's turn to benghazi. both of you held closed-door hearings this week with top administration officials and david petraeus reportedly dead, in these closed door hearings while he always believed terrorists were
obama confident llwmakers in washingttn can get a deal done before we fall off the fiscaa cliff.who he's now asking to pray for ttem... have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit vwdealer.com today. on any new volkswagen. ffr dividing up the more than ive-millionn dollars inn than donations for victims of july's theater shooting in aurora, colooadd. the "aurora victim relief fund" announced families of the 12 people killed and five people who suffered permanent each.six people... wwo spent at least 20- days in the hospital... will get 160- ttoosand doolarsseach.133 otherr .. will get 35-thousand dollars each. president obaaa sound
. president obama sittingg petween leaderssfrom both parties... looking for a way to avoid the so-calleddfiscal cliff...////. that's... the combination of tax cuts... that expire... at the end of this year... and spending cuts... that... kick in... on... "day one" of next yyar..../// president obama wants rates increased on those making more republiians have "previously" obama says we've goo to akk sure thht taxes don't go up on middle class families, that our conomy remainssstrong, that we're creating jobs pobsboehner says "to show oor seriousness, we've put revenue on tte table as long as it's spenddng cuts.. cant - & "if" there is no ddal income tax rates increase 3 o 5 percent across all tax brackets. "and" if the payroll tax holiday ends the social seeurity tax rate goes back to 6.2 percent - that's an additiinal one-thousand dollars for someone makkng 50- thousand a year.both sides say they will work through next wwek's thanksgiving recess and meet again with president &p3ma immediately after.. 3 president barack obama had a very ood day last tuesday. he
in the history books...and votes cast... president obama has secured a second ttrm. action, not politics as usual." usual."addressing an supporters ii chicago - president obama strrking a cooperative tone - vowing to work to bring both partiis together... whileemitt romney told is supporters in thh audience he'll pray tte commmnder in ccief has successs &pleading the nation. 33-44 "whetherri earned your vote r not, i have listened o you. i have learned you and you have made me a betterrpreeident.. &ppresident."101-109"i believee that the principles upon which &pthe only ssre guide to a resurgent economy and to renewed greetness." &pgreatness."prrsidenn obama's win bbeng attributed to many -t young voters. p18-118"thatts why the -rrpubl have to deal with ttis strattgically or find themselvvs pushed out in all races."with all the talk of ccoperation - the first issue the administration and llwmakers eed to tackle rr hundreds of illionn in automatic tax increases and spending cuts - set to go into effect at the beginning of tte year if o deal is reached. 3here in marylaad four ig vvters
skywatch forecast.. emily 3- obama says: "this was a cennral quustion dring the ele. election.next on the late editionthe fiscal cliff... p..and possible tax there may be negotiation...and the one point the prrsident says he will nnt conceee... ...and the mount of damage this eer caused...whee he jumpeddinto frozee yogurt shhp... after the break &pthe... loominggthe... the... looming ...fissallcliff... threatenss ...to... raise taxes... on... áeveryá american.../ byy.. the beginning of next year...////today... ppesident... barack obamm... made hissposition... very clear.../nicole... collins... shows us... tte... president... and... republicans... may... negotiate negotiate 3 &p colllns, fox newss" agreement. in waahington, nicole collins, foxxnews." -3 a... deer... must have really wanted.... yogurt.this... is... surveillance video... at... a... yogurt shhp...///...and... throogh the window.../ - lamming... nto the wall../ thenn.. knocking over... tables and chairs.../ and... --- rrns... - the store.../. we''e
the buttom.. t oh thhnn youu("bare-ick obama and joe biden i want to vote of naaee and ssses.... (two shot wider from ront)"i dont know whattits about"but harriet 's quest to ecide who the next 4 years.. s complete. (wheeling away from booth)"thank you.. thank yoo ggd... " her civic duty: done. ("heres you sticker that pays.. i vootd..") ii northwest bblt. voice " i want to be sure i can vote." kc fox 45 news at five.thirty jones... is... one of in... this area.../ who... got rides... to polling places.../ 3we asked you to show us what the polls looo like n your neigghorhood.and based on youu photoss... voter turnout is looking pretty good... take a look at how crowddd it was ashbuuton elementary school. and altimoreecounty voters braved the ccod outside summit park elementaay, where the line stretched into the parking lot and down he sidewalk.. election... or if you see news &phappen... see it shoot it sen it. you can send foxbalttimre dot com and click on the see it shoot it send it 3 fox45 givvs you he most in- deptt coverage online tonight. we will stre
obama decriminalizing pott pot. keith daniels, live in north baltimore with what direction maryland cculd go.. keith. jeff..... it's a affect ere on the streett of baltimore.. and across the possess marijuana escape prosecution..........ciiy delegate crt andersonnhas introddced a biil to do just that many times in annnpplis.. but the measuree so far has failed toopass. &p under that bill.. police woold issue a citation to an ounce of marijuana. they would not e arrested.. and ii conviited.. thee would pay a fiie of up to 100-dollars. and the issue f legalizing maaiiuana is that the washinnton guarrian - is releasing video of president obama, who n 2004, &pis seen aad heaad supportinn de-criminalizinn marijuaaa. advocates, including mmmbers of he grrup leap, law &ppeforcement against legal. they say it be wouud, mong other things, end the violence aasociated with tte drug. /////////////////sot//////////// (madox) "because it's no longgr going to be a cash ccop. yyu're not going to that people want to steal and ttat people want to buy guns to pr
for a civil rights leader who made a very controversial comment. was campaigning for president obama at a church in georgia paturday...whhn duuing his speech he said quote "all white people are going to was intended as a joke....and - that he's made thoseeremarks a number of times over the years and they were not meant to be taken seriiusly. "he was talking abouttall tte bitternesssand annee thaa has wasn't exxctly in the context poke.""i immediately hought that iihope iis not takee out ps ff the reeord and it was tell a joke." wassabout to &pjoke."loweryyheld aanews confernce today stressing to the media thaa his comment was noo mmant to be taken seriously. bad day or a woman whh made a thousand dollar tyyo wwile payyng a ill online. pdbra tupperrwas paying her dollars and 69 cents. but tupper mistakenly typed zero have gone sending over 11-ould - thousand dollars to the company. upper says she's informed the employees of the mistake and ttey said it would accounttstill sits empty. "i have nn money in my accoontss i'm getting overdrafts, i can't pay anyyof &pmy biils, i got
... before an announced.the "real-clear" politics average offpolls... shows president baraak obama with a slight lead over &prepublicannmitt romney.3 of phow obama ahead.2 olls show romney aheed.and 3 including &ptte most recent poll... actualll show the race tied. there's no question that these ffnal hours are crucial for as they presenn closing arguments on the campaign trail. "does raising taxes put people to work? (no!))how about his avalanchh of new regulations, does that help small his plln to require companies &pto ave unions whether the employees want to vote or thhm or not -- carr cheek, does that create jobs? (no!) you passee the test.""aad if youure willing to work ith me wwthhme, make some phone calls for me, urn out at the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin, we'll win this electton. " "winning the white housee.. mmans winning the electoral college.and this year here are ome key swing states thht could ecide the election. p'll show yyu who's leading in each of those swing ssates at hhlf our.i'm megan gilliland, that brings us to our question of the day.with such
... of the polls... in the aaerage ... show ...obama phead...//.2... polls... show... áromneyá... ahead....//3... / including... the most... árecentá... poll./.....sshw... tte race átiedá 33 winning... thee white house.../ winningg...the electoral college...// heere.. are... phee.. key... swing states... toniggt....///thh... virginia./.....where... the... pplliig average... shows... an... by... less than....a... hall po/ president... appears....to ../. be... ahead... in ohio... by... almost... 3 pointss..//. poonts...//....and... ahead... in pennsylvania... by... nearry... won... north carolina... in 2208../.but... polling... shows romney that statee.. by 3 points the ... finaa hours ...areecrucial... for... the... presidential candidates.../ as... they present ... closing arguments... on the campaagn trril...// mitt romney... was... pin.. fairfax virginia .../ attending ... a... asking... the crowd... . questions... about... mr obama's... term aa resident. "does raising taxes put people to work? (no!) hoo abou
in esponse to presiddnt obama's re-election. it's all being done through an open forum section of allows citizens to create petitions aaout anything... and get an official resppnse from the white house... if they reach 25-thousandd supporting signatures! maryland's petition for gaining team. 16:49 if marrlaad were to becomeeitt own counttryy t's still going to be a one party country, and i woulln't like thaa either 56 561249 i think that the united ssates of americc ii the greetest country in the world and it's that way because ii's united ssates, so it should probably stay uniteddstates laughs 58 58maryland'' petition remains short of the 25-thousand mark. some may thiik maryland leaving tte unitee states s state would ake a áhugeááhit because of hhw tied maryland is to the feddraa governmenn. governmmnt.marrlann is thee recipiint of federal money per capita.the only states ahead alaska.roughly 3- federal wookers... which means if we left the u-s... they'd job.maryland also receives a johns hopkins university . receives a billion dollars each year... jjst for ressarch mitt romney
that hold the key to the white house. president obama nd governor -3 romneyyare urggng supporters to get out and vooe in a race phere turnout could make a big 3 story. & 3 event nats: "one more day, one morr daa!" republican &ppresidential nominee mitt romney -starting hii final day & of campaignnng in battleground florida --romney says: "we need every single vote - in fl // we an egii a better tomorrow, tommrrow. and pwith the help of tte people in lorida, that's exactly &pwhat's going to happen."romney -- making five stops in our critical swing states - including ohio - considered a must-winnstate.ppesident obama will also visst later today n his final sprint toothe inish - that iinludes three rallies innthree midwestern states. say wisconsii, that i know & whattreaa change ooks like, you've got cause tt beliive in me because you've ssen me fight for it /// seen the gray hair on my head tooshow 3 change."innthis deadlockee race - turnout is key...early of states with at least 30 million votessalready cast... & axelrod a
unearthed old video of president obama during a debate in his initial illinois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. aa the time, the president said he was for dd-criminalizing marijuana. 3ppres. obama) "but i'm not somebody who belives in legaaization of mmrijuana. to rethink how we're operating in the rug war..." p opponentt say &mariju leggl..... they call it the "gaaeway drug" to more armful and illeggl drugg. live inndowntown baltimorr, keith daniels, fox 45 ews, late edition. that brings... uu to our question of that brings... us to fox 45 news, late edition. , thaa brings... us to our question f the day.should we legalize arijuana? marijuana? you're split on this one tonight. head to our facebook page and like fox45. and see if you agree it is time to psers. 3 itts a really bad day, actually a horrible year for the united states postal see service. the usps lost almost 16 billion dollars in the paat ffscal year. ttat's a ten billion ddolar jump from 2010 dollars. the pootaa service saas that horrible nnws doesn't show their record productivity and 8
-- too close to call....11:24:40 "awful &pclose"12:39:27 "i think the democratt obama, is up right now."11:57:42 "i think it'll go romney."11:25:06 "i've een one analyst that said it could be a tie."so pennsylvanians political proppganda...fred they follow one ight affer the other."miranda obinson: 11:20:25 ""ds on tv and people kind oo stuff."jeannette stuehler: 11:30:16 "the phoen calls have been unending. yesterday i got five phooe calls. today i've gotten eeen othhrrto answer the phone anymore."jeannette stuehler (stoller) moved hhre of people."with a closer s - pargin of rrddand lue battleground...with uniiue ey priorities...11:57::7 "i think the coal issue is a big element in this decision..it's easy to see... both parties have their eye onnthe prize... and they're keeppng the pressure on.the caadidates making several visits in the lass days leading uu tt the race.11:27:47 "after a while it gets tiresomee"and since pennsylvania doesn't do eaaly voting... it's a laat-minute racc to thh finish.11:30:42 pi'm gonna make sure i vote." 11:24:244"it's important." 13:27:40 "with
obama spoke during aa ceremony at arlington national cemetery.... n honor of veterans day. bagpipes playing playingmilitary veteeans... livinggand dead... were honorrd and remembered for serving their country. president obama laid a wreath in a solemn ceremony.knowns... &p45-110 "today a ppoud nation express ur ratitude. but we do so mindful that no ceremony or paraae no hug or hand shakee is enough to trulyyhonor that service forr of that we must do mmre. for and everyday to serving you as well as you serveddus." the preeident also met with mmliiary families in sectton 66 of the cemetery... where vettrrns of the most recent wars in iraq and afghanistan are laii to rest. here in maryland... officials will gather at a ceremonn today... honnring veterans in baltimore.lieutenant goverror anthony brown and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake are amoog those scheduled to attenddthe ceremony will be hell in the war memorial plazaa at 9 a-m... following the annual veterans march. 3 the ravens improve to 7-and- performance over the oakland a. raiders.the ravens led 27-10 the third quarter bee
. president obama is vowing to fulfill his promise o end gridllck in washington.obama says: "...you want cooperation. you want action. that's what i plan toodellverr - pn my second term, and i exxect to find leader from both paaties willing to oin me." but the election results, are producing a bit -3 of 'bbltway deja vu...'thee balance of power remainn the 3 wwiteehouse and senate..and republicans in charge of the house.many in connress will not be coming back ii the 113th congress. eighty-ssx lawmakers are retiring, lost or ran for aa iifeeent office. pricc: "i think what at the election aid is that the american peoppl don't want uniiied government here in washington. they want divided govvrnment, which means we have to et together and solve thesseremarkabll challengess thht we hhve."action will have to happen in the last tto months of 2012 - racing against the clock, their first real test -- aaerting the 'fiscallcliff.'hundreds of billions offdollarssof ttx increases and spending cuts autooattcally going into effect january firrt, unless the presi
repuulican mitt romney.3 of show obama ahead.2 olls show romney ahead.and 3 includiig theemost recent poll... actually show the race tied. theee's no question that these final hours are crucial for &pthe presidential candidates.. as thhy present closing arguments on the campaign trail. "does raising taxes put people to work? (no!) how abbut his avalanche of new regulations, does that hhlp small businesses? (no!) how about his plan to require companies to have unions whether he employees want to vote for them or not -- carddcheck, does that create jobs? (no!) you passed the test.""and if you're willing to work with me again, and knock on some doors with me, make some phooe calls for me, turn out at the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin, meann winning he electorrl - are some key ssing states that could deccde the election. i'll show you who's leading in each of those swing states at this point... coming up next half hour.i'm meganngilliland, foo45 morning news. the first ballots cast in the u-s... haveealready beee counte. counttd.the polls in the small town of dixville notch, new hhmpshi
look at &ppresident barack obama's supporters... awaiting word of who wins... key... battle-ground states../....and - eventually - the white house hello, i'm jeff barnd barndand i'm jenniier gilbert wiih ive ellccion night coveragelets et right to the ns numbershere's a look at he maryland was decided almost as soon as the polls closed... here are the nnmbers in this state the popular vote is one tting...but to win... you need toowin the electoral college. here's where the map stands right now since... this... is... such a lose race../.polls ... in....some states ... a winner... as not... - bben declared. thht willlplay a keyyrole in deciding who will win the white ouse.ww're talking about ohio...which closed at 7- 30 this evvningfloridd... which closed at 8 this eveeing......virginia all with &plarge amounts of electoraa votes...which will decide this racethe margin in florida is razoo thin right now...here's an explanation from our sister station... w-p-eec in west palm beach florida.. ...as to realll late if you cast your vvte ttday, line.voters
... two states p..already voted ..to... approve it..../ video has resurffced of president obama at one timee suppooting decrimmnalizing pot. pot. keith daniels, live downtown with whaa direction maryland could go.. k. keith. jennifer and jeff.... it's an iisue that could have an baltimore.. anndacross the the people weigh in..-&in. 3 3 3 3 bbck in thh 1920's...." in thh 1920's...." 3&opponents say 3&popppnents say marijuana shou &pnever e made legal..... thee all it he "gatewaa drug" to ee more harmfullillegal drugs. keithhdaniels, ox 45 news at ten. marijuana... have... been mmrried... for decadee. decades.use among children is g. abuse...in 20--1more ttan 22- percent of high sccool enioos sayythey've used pot during the past 30 days... days...áfewerá ay they've used cigarettes ddrrng the past 30 days days mosttpeople... arrested ...for... drug posession.../ are... found with poo....//.more than... 48- percent of the people arrested... innthe northeast.../ are arrrsted or... having mar/ mariiuana....//áfará... more... than... any
of each other other shootings as well on 3unday..- presiddnt obama and mitt romney are makinn one last tomorrow's elections. elections.the president has stops scheduled today n key including wissonsin, ioww, and chicago... where he's planninn to spend election night. republican challenger mitt romney is expecteddto make appearances in florida, virginia and new hampshire today.he'll watch the returns in boston. this all omes after a veey busy weekend for both candidates. you can choose to reeurn to crashee ourreconomy, or you pcn join me in building a fuuure that focusesson a strong nd growing middle class. class.channe is not meassred in words and speeches. ccange reeord.a c-n-n / o-r-c- ecord. &prace at a dead heat.. 49-pprcent oo likely voters say they support the president and the same number say they back the formmr governor of mmssachusetts. he ravens are back in the win column!! ... but barely beatiig the browns is not the comeback moss fans were lookinggfor. let's go to plevelann browns stadium, where it looked like this pirst.the ravees start first. pierce with is fiis
will never comply with the obama administration maadate to provide birth ccntrrl coverage in health insurrnce.cardinal timothy dolan says the ishhps are open tt talking wwth federal officials... but ill and in court.n legislatures "we stiil believe that the addinistrations assurances that they want to dialogue nd that they're willing to make some accomodations, we're still going to take them at accomplish that." that." houses of worship are exempt from the birth ontrro ruue. but rrligiously affiliated hospitall and non-profits aren''. dozens of cattolic suing over the mandatee an event to help the victims of hurricane sandy took place today inside the same cafeteria where a altimore county teen was shot backkin august.. . kkren parks... ssreaming of support... from students... and the community....... community....... this was a shoooinn that devaattted perry hall high and community.....after months of rehabilitation.......s hhooiiggvicttm daniel borowy returned to school laat week..... and ttday's blood drive......was dedicated to ddniel......here's why...... why...... // ere
there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? new this morning... there's nnw information today... about the september terrorist attack on the u-s consulate in libya... that left 4 americans &pdead. according to a senior u-s intelliggnce official... - between the initial call for officers arrival attthe u-s mission. the officers allegedly used thhse 25 minutee to get weapons loaded inno vehicles... while others were on the phone trying to get loccl "friendly" militias wiih heavier weapons to help. the new information comes in rrsponse to report last on the ground were ordered to s u-s officials say that's simply not true. 3republican presidential candidate mitt romnny plans to make his closing argumentt today... to the american event in wisconsin... where he is expected o focus on his romney ann president obama's campaigns are focusing oo key swing s
to aa spontaneous... not pre-planned attack.president barack obama had a message to theesenators in rice's deffnse. 3&if senattr mccain and senator graham and others want to go &pafter somebbdy, they should g have that discussion with them. them.former c-i-a director david petraeus is scheduled to address the senate house intelligenne committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question after his sudden pesignation last week. it's a sight you have to see to believe! believe!surveillance video shows... dr. kristin lynes howarr... speeding frrm a supermarket parking lot... jumps a edian... and onto a two other cars! carsshoward pleaded noo guilty the influence of prescriitin drugs.police say she prescribed herself drugg, and told them... her car had aa mechanical maafuuction.a hospitalized...and howard ... a one time doctor of the year... was fired from her job. 3 3one of the more nique holiday columbia thii morning. nearly elss. joel d. smith is live at the "mall in columbia" to &psee how they do it, and ore importantly... how tooproperly say poinsettia" good morning joel d. d. 3 p3
scheduueddtooopen...until 20-16. more than 60 percent of maryland voters supported president obama last night. it waa one of the largest voterssalso approved some key referendums.... considered centrrl tt the democratic party agenda.now.... politicaa analysts are weighing in... melinda roeder explains why the most liberal state in thh nation. president obama overwhelmingly won maryland... despite the fact that he dii almoot no ccmpaignnng in our sttteemitt romney didn't really bother withhus either.thht's because maryland... is so "blle".... that some say we'reealmost irrelevant in a presidential race. our vote - nowhhre near asscritical as the key swingg aaddpennsylvania.ginia, ohio - 3&&pwhile maayllnd may finndits playing a significant role n shaping tteedemocrat party aggnda....analysts say we run &pthe risk of losing our voice as voters. 3&< "and that's indaaof remember a significant nummer of presidential adssinnlocal media innmaryland becaase no matter whht yoor preferrnces were, marrland waa gonnaabe blue. so maryland is maryland also re-elected aad approved referendums for gay a
re-election of president obama...///.he... for... electing... mr. obama... hen... he reeerenced... the positive hurricane sandy... hadd..// pnn.. the president's campaign. campaign. good work for them, for amerrca. i'm so glad we had that ttrm last week becauue i think the sstrmmwas one of those things last weekk "ooh." no, politicallyyi shoulddsay, not in erms of hurting 3 people. 3 ttose comments coming in the early morning wednesday... following the president's & acceptance speech. hurricane ssndy killed more than a hundred people... left three million customers ithout power... and caused an pstimated 3-billlon doolars in damage. mattteww pologized for the remark last night... sayiigghe made the commenn at ttree in the morning... after being on tte air for ten hours. 3 common sense says football isn't just for the boys anymore. anymorr. same gorrdn starttd running as a way to &phhr strides turned into what you're seeing here. don't blink or you might miss her. she's one of the fastest kids the sal
security council spooesman says president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned-- has put allen's nominntion to be nato's supreme allied commander on hold..allen denies any wrongdoing and &premains on duty in afghanistan. "the presidentt has great confidence ii the military, great coofidence in the commander, and will continue to have that confidence." a defenss official tells cnn there's a defense department ty" the investigation into allennis connected to the petraeus fbi investigation. fbi agents removed property rom broadwell's nnrth carolina cooperating, which is a good idea. the qqestion: are these classified documents?" the answer may show if nationaa pecurity was thheatened by personal choicess in the... type of relationship... between... gen. allen... and... jill unclear.../; howwver, ... evidence... offan affair... could lead... to... miliiaay prosecution.../ beeause... adultery... violates military law. defense secretary leon panetta was asked if david petraeus could be rosecuted if his affair with paull broadwell begaa while he wa on aative du
... . &pfor comments...// e... &pmadee../ after... the... re-election of presiidnt obama...///. he... praised voters... for... eleeting... mr. pbama... whee... he rrferenced... the positive impact... hurricann sanny... had.../ onn.. the presideet's ccmp. campaign. good work for thhm, for america. i'm so glaa we had that storm ast week bbcause i think tte storm was no, pooitically i should say, not in terms of urtingg people. thhse comments cominn in the early morning wednesday... followinggthe president's sandyykilled more ttan aa without power... and caused aa estiiated 33-billion dollars &pin damage. matthews apolooize three in the morningg.. after &ppeing on the air for ten hour. it is trulyya hhoror up heree political thinning.. deep in a worldl of numbers and iisues and people, who would win oo who would lose. but i leff out the number oneejob f anyone on air, to think about the real lives of people. people. matthews says his comments were not 3 just stupid... they ere wrong. a ccmpaign to get people tested for hiv issprompting some complaiits in balti
... oo... supporters in chicaao -///president obama - vowed... to bring... both parties ttgether.../ while... mitt -3 romney... &ptoll... his supporterss../ & commander in chief... has... success... peading the nation. 3 33-41 "whhther i earned your vote or not, have listened to you.. i have learned from better presidenn." president."101-109"i believe thhs nation was founded arr the oly sure uide to a resurgent economy and to renewed greatness." greatness." pote... by... more thaa... a... two to one margin...////. former.... congrrssman .. .and... leader of the works"... dick the... republicans... are... missing... a greaa opportunity. 3 "the repuulicans has so messee up their ness on this iis people ho hare our point of view on social issuessthe are entrepeneurial they should be our natural ccnstituancy." & constituancy." 3 armey... says... insensitive language... uued... by.... som
election ii - paraak obama. talk about a thoughtful pundit. aafer fox commentator dr. chaales krauthammerrjoked... so as a psychiatristti will offfr to wwitt preecriptionn for anybody whh needssthem right now. but obama supporters were ecstattc. cnn even cut away to some in eeya. speeking of which....what woull an election night be without a romney's loss, trump ttweted this election is a total sham and travesty...we should have a revolution in this ountry which prompted nbc's brian williams to launch his zinger. dooald trump who has driven well past the last exit to reeevance..the exit for mitt romney was ohho, but after foxx ews called ohio for obama, the network's oon beett known commentator objected... we gotta be careffl bout callinggthings. that's awkward once karl roveequestionee the caal by fox's decisiinndesk, megyn kelly walled back there. go... e're actually quite n - mosttflak was abc's diane sawyer. ok can we have music &pbecause ttis is another big pne here ... viewers thought her delivery was strange...."'ll have what diane sswyer is having tweeted singer
obama ii right is mitt rrmney right that or - we're not movvng forward, we're moving in the wwong dirrc" direction."whiie... of a perrentage... point..../ experts... onlyy.. expectee to see... 125-thousand jobs added. 3& it takessa lot more thannyaaddsigns and stump sseeches to win a political campaign thesseddys.... in some cases, it takes "the youtube effect"..... jeff abell shows us why ccmpaigns on the attack.inn...and going - attack. (video #3) (open music/obama) "we are five transforming the united states of 33 if you wann to watch these cammaign ads in their entirety, head to ox baltimore dot com. see what the president of ome ddpot has to say about the president's track record, i'll giie you a hint, he's ot a huge fan. look for vote 2012 on foo baltimmre dot com. organizers are planning a million puppet march... in support of funding for publicc broadcastiig... like he sesame street show you're seeing hhre.the 3-day arch begins toomrrow... at 10 a-m... nearrthe capitol.about we're... one day... closer to 'taxmageddon....//' p affer...
to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? (((pat)))two of tte most ssucessful ssngers in pop music are coming o our area phis week.candace has the petails for today's lowdoon. peoppe have been talking aboutt these concerts for months.. let's begin with justin bieber's "believv" tour.its coming to the verizon center in washington dc tonight. nats: as long as yyu love p3 justin will sing all of his current hits.this is "as long as you love me".of course, it this and other songs... you are in luck.there are still the cheapest ticket on ssub hub is 99 dollars---they go up to 71 dollars. anotherrbig celebrity is cominn to ábaltimore.áhere's one hintt.. she's a former ameeican idol winner. winner. 3 natss blown away away carrie underwood will bring her "blown away" touu to first mariner aarna on wednesddy t 7-30.of course carrie rose to fame as he winner of american idol i
with his famill. now i's candidates. obama reaches out boullerr coloro and greeegas, rimond,,roanoke and virginia beach..i'm mary ellen hopkins reporting. early voting resumes in maryyand... after hurricaae saa. sandy.on wedneay... there at..cng g nns at many stateeide is already ahead off - the first 3 days in 0-10. surrery, i wouldn't be able to vote withhut early voting, so it's veryimportaat this year." governor o'malley was among e wednesday... bringing along his son jack. jack.the gernor is uppet with a politiial addaaainst quussionn7... which woold expand gambling. he says the a.. wwiih claims that uinstnd. is nerre5-lldos ouo inaccuraae. through the staae by 45% since 2206 and we will be increaaing ucatn fundingy another r.eopngquestion 7 is sponsored by penn national gaming... which owns &pcharlessown. actor brad pitt is donating to the effort... to legalizeesame sex arriage in maryland. paryland.eanht hat iv10us arth organization.it'' the nation's largest lesbban, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights to marriage equality campaigg - resourcce in marylann,
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